Whether you have never been arrested, or if you have already seen the inside of “the grill”, it is important to understand your rights and to know what constitutes an unlawful arrest.

If a police officer catches someone in the act of a crime, they have the right to detain the person and take them to the relevant police station, provided they inform the person of the reason for the arrest.

When officers of the law abuse their authority in restraining you or restraining your freedom of movement, then it is an unlawful arrest. The arrest must be authorised by a warrant for your arrest.
When you have been wrongfully arrested or were arrested and detained in a wrongful manner then you may have reason to proceed with legal action.

Never forget the power of silence, you have the right to this power. You may not be forced for answers or a confession and you have the right to seek legal advice before making any statements. The only information you are bound by law to supply is your name and physical address. You have the right to be awarded a fair trial before a court. You have the right to apply for bail and you must be informed of what the charges are. If you have been mishandled, denied of your rights or have been wrongfully arrested we recommend contacting our offices for legal assistance.

You have the right to claim damages and receive compensation for loss of income, past and future medical costs, and general damages.

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