South Africa’s legal system underwent a dramatic change with the adoption in 1996 of the new Constitution.
And civil procedures were one of the branches of the law that heralded this change. This included matters such as access to courts, debt collection and prescription which relates to litigation against the State.

Civil Law specialises in litigation of a non-criminal nature, such as divorce proceedings and child custody disputes, medical malpractice, tenant-landlord conflicts and labour issues. In other words, it is a law system concerning private as opposed to criminal issues.

Other examples of civil cases are real estate, personal injury and contract disputes.

One example of a Civil Lawsuit is a motor vehicle accident. In this instance, we look at a family who lose their breadwinner in an accident. They are entitled to seek compensation on two levels – instituting proceedings for loss of financial support, as well as claiming for damages to the vehicle.

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And when it comes to matters of the heart, litigators will guide their clients along the rocky path of Family Law. Well aware of the emotions and stress levels involved with divorce cases, their team of litigators focuses their attention on efficient and, where possible, amicable settlements.

As with most things in life, there are always exceptions to the rule. When it comes to civil law procedure, an exception is when a party objects, or takes exception to, the wording in a summons or a plea. Therefore, notices of exceptions are generally applied when lodging a formal objection to a proposed course of action.

An example of this is a divorce hearing at which clients are given the opportunity of presenting their case to a judge.

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