Gender-based & Domestic Violence


Human rights’ group Amnesty International said recently that gender-based and domestic violence in South Africa has reached “alarming levels”

3915 women and children were murdered in the last year.  That’s an average of 10 women and children murdered every single day of 2018. Every. Single. Day.

G Grobbelaar Inc. supports each and every woman fighting to have their story heard. Gender-based and Domestic Violence cases must be dealt with swiftly to ensure the safety of the victims.

Are you a subject of abuse?

Whether it is a messy divorce or a volatile home situation we can provide services to aid your fight.

What is Domestic Violence?

According to the Domestic Violence Act No. 116 of 1998, it is:

  • any form of abuse which includes physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economic harassment
  • damage to property
  • stalking
  • entry into a person’s property without their consent
  • any other abusive or controlling behaviour where such conduct causes harm or may cause harm to your health, safety, or well being

If you are subject to the above and want help obtaining protection please email and we will do our utmost best to use our skills and knowledge to fight for your safety. G Grobbelaar Inc. takes great care to maintain confidentiality and protecting any personal information.

Please contact the offices for further assistance with your Gender-based and Domestic Violence legal matters.

Based in Ballito, KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa, G.Grobbelaar Incorporated has extensive experience in all areas of law and firmly aligns itself with an extensive network of associates in order to render services on a national basis.

With a keen understanding of global economic and market trends combined with a commitment to excellence, the team have the ability to cut straight to the chase in any matter.

STOP Abuse against Women & Children #amInext

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  • Divorce
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