A contested Divorce may take anywhere from 3months to 3 years to be finalized and settled. At G Grobbelaar Inc we understand the uncertainty and anxiety that divorce may bring. We have long-standing relationships with reputable experts we appoint to help enable us to provide you as a divorce client both certainty and also, the strongest case for you as our client. In a contested divorce, the costs are variable, time based and heavily dependent on the conduct of the parties. It can cost thousands of rands in fees and disbursements. In contested divorce proceedings, we are able engage the services of various experts, which can include:

• forensic accountants, to examine the couple’s assets;
• industrial psychologists, to determine a spouse’s employability for maintenance purposes;
• actuaries, to determine the quantum and duration of maintenance contributions or child support;
• private investigators, to gather information about the other party; and
• child-care experts, to assess who the children should live with.