Category: Divorce

Contested Divorce

A contested Divorce may take anywhere from 3months to 3 years to be finalized and settled. At G Grobbelaar Inc we understand the uncertainty and anxiety that divorce may bring. We have long-standing relationships with reputable experts we appoint to help enable us to provide you as a divorce client both certainty and also, the […]

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Parental Child Abduction

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] Parental child abduction is defined as the “taking, retention, or concealment of a child or children by a parent, other family member, or their agent, in derogation of the custody rights, including visitation rights of another parent or family member.” [Girdner, L. 1994b. Introduction. In Obstacles to the Recovery and Return of Parentally […]

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is a legal proceeding that involves disputes of a non-criminal nature. In other words, this can include legal matters such as couples seeking a divorce, tenants fighting with their landlords or workers involved in labour disputes. It also embraces other specialised fields involving more complex litigation such as commercial and corporate disputes. Civil […]

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Forfeiture of Benefits in a Divorce

Forfeiture of benefits in a divorce means that one of the two parties within the union is ordered by the court to forfeit his or her benefits of the marriage, either wholly or in part. Before the South African Divorce Act was updated, this decision was often made according to misconduct within the marriage. Nowadays, […]

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When the parents of child are no longer married or in a relationship, both parents will still be responsible for the child’s wellbeing and upbringing, especially as far as financial-related matters are concerned. Both parents will need to contribute financially in order to fulfil the child’s needs. This is considered according to their respective means. […]

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